Today more and more tourists are visiting Places where conditions Arr difficult ,such as the Sahara desert or the Antarctic.What are the benefit and disadvantage for tourists who visit such places?

It is true that an increasing number of tourists are interested in visiting places with extreme conditions
as a desert or the Antarctic. In
essay, I will discuss both advantages and disadvantages of
. Travelling to places where conditions are difficult are beneficial to tourists in different ways.
, it pleases travellers, once they overcome the challenges that only a small number of people can do, as
would show their distinction. At the same time, it would
be an exciting
to see stunning scenes in person.
of watching a tourism book or a video, those tourists are able to develop a multi-sensory
within the scenes.
For example
, surrounding by the endless sands, tourists can see the colours of desert change over time while hearing the sound of sand blew in the wind. There is no way to have
if they do not go.
On the other hand
, the drawbacks of visiting an extreme place should not be ignored. The primary concern is the safety of tourists. Visiting places,
as the Antarctic, tourists are likely to
extreme cool weather and sun burning, which may put the risk of their health.
, travels like
are often expensive as it may cost tourists much more of money on transport, specialised equipment and accommodation than the expenditures of visiting a popular tourism destination. In conclusion, having a vacation in a place where has an extreme condition may enjoy tourists and allow them to appreciate the magnificent scenes in a multi-sensory way.
, it
can be risky and expensive.
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Answer the 'Advantages and Disadvantages' topic

IELTS advantages and disadvantages questions normally give you a statement and ask you to comment on the advantages and disadvantages of that statement.

Answer structure for the type of essay

  • Introduction
  • Body paragraph 1 – advantages
  • Body paragraph 2 – disadvantages
  • Conclusion

Examples to start your body paragraph:

  • The main advantage is...
  • The disadvantage of this...
  • The main benefit...
  • Despite these advantages...
  • One possible drawback...

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