Some people prefer to relax by doing physical activities, while others choose mental activities (crosswords and chess etc ) Discuss both the views and given your opinion.

For some time, it had become the topic of discussion, whereas, some believe that by doing exercise they feel relaxed, and another prefers to make mental exercise to keep themselves stress free. In my opinion, both forms of activities are constructive way to be relax and it is the
own choice which one is better to keep them lighten. On the one hand, there are people who prefer to do some sort of fitness activity to keep them out calm and composed.
In other words
activities help to ease the body muscles additional
is diverted towards the relaxation mode.
As a result
, it improves their health and
which keeps them away from any negative thoughts.
For instance
, According to The University of Chicago research, they say 70% of people feel fresh and active by just devoting their time towards workout.
On the other hand
, consider doing some mental activity like playing crosswords or chess because it helps to improve the concentration and
enlighten the mood because of which a person feel tension free.
, the break is needed to have effective work life and persons thought process increases ten times better than before.
For example
, if a person is doing
same task
the same task
, it becomes monotonous and effectiveness of that work decreases, that’s the reason
form of activity challenges their
which helps them to be mentally fit and make person active to complete the work effectively. To conclude,
, it should be a persons own preference to feel relax because not all the people have the same choices, some prefer to do exercise and some
the dressed skin of an animal (especially a large animal)
to divert their
towards the challenging games like chess to feel relaxed which
help them to be efficient.
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