People living in large cities today face many problems in their everyday life. What are these problems? Should governments encourage people to move to smaller regional towns?

In recent years, the statement that citizens residing in metropolises could encounter a number of problems has been in question.
these issues may be regarded as a dilemma, authorities should galvanize their citizens into living in smaller towns or rural areas as a best way to tackle these. There are two manifest problems that
dwellers may deal with. The
one is that pollution in cities, especially air contamination, could put people’s health in jeopardy.
For example
, there are millions of factories and vehicles emitting tonnes of detrimental gases on a daily basis in Beijing, leading to the fact that citizens in
would at increased risk of respiratory diseases when getting exposed to these gases excessively.
housing shortage
the housing shortage
in many high-density cities should be taken into account. In fact, as vacant
land is insufficient for erecting large and spacious houses,
residents would live shoulder-to-shoulder in undersized flats or dorms.
, encouraging
dwellers to flock into smaller regional towns or the countryside should be highly considered. One reason is that traffic congestion would likely be alleviated.
means that if fewer people drove their private vehicles on roads in cities, traffic jams would be in dramatic decline.
, if governments could divert
city population
the city population
rural areas, they can relieve the burden of housing supply.
In other words
, it is easier for dwellers to construct an expecting house and live in their own space at an affordable expense in the countryside compared to its counterpart in large cities, enhancing the levels of inhabitants’ happiness. In conclusion,
air pollution and accommodation scarcity would be the two thorny problems that urban residents could cope with, governments should go to great lengths to encourage their people to relocate to other areas.
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