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In recent years, there have been a number of everyday problems that people in big cities have to cope with. This essay will discuss two major problems, pollution and information overload, which I believe should lead governments to encourage people to move to regional areas.
People living in large cities face tremendous problems due to the over population of the area and the facilities available can't go round. So it's result to competition and trying to manage the resources available. In my own view government should encourage people to live in smaller cities by providing the necessary infrastructure for them which will make them not to think of going out to big cities. In big cities there is overcrowding already. If th small cities have facilities that make life more comfortable and meaningful those in big cities may come back to small cities. Also for worker in government jobs, they should be giving extra package as a form of incentive for them to want to stay in small cities. Also if free education and medical can't be free in small cities, government should subsidized them. This will also encourage people to stay in small cities especially young couple who are just starting to build their family. I government can do all these things, people will like to live in small cities.
In the recent times, the majority of the population are living in urban areas. That would be owin to the reason that urban areas are more developed and therefore provide more and better opportunities. Though there are advantages of living in thses places, they actually have to experience various difficulties, including tough living conditions and environmental pollution.
Modern world today,many people opt to live in cities as it provides better living standards.However,this is not the case always,lack of housing and air pollution are crucial in cities.This can be effectively tackled by encouraging them to move rural area in order to decongest the city.
Mega cities where myriads of people are living so that they are confronted with lots of disadvantages. A number of issues have been arisen for the over population in huge cities. For that reason, governments should motivate people to leave the biggest region for staying in small towns.
Citizens live in urban areas face many issues in their daily life. While this may be valid to a certain extent, I would argue that governments should encourage people to migrate to smaller regional towns.
In the contemporary world, along with the urbanisation, people's lives have become more difficult with various aspects. Some of them can be named as low quality of basic amenities, space constraints and lack of social security. Following essay will discuss these difficulties in details and come to a conclusion whether the governments should take actions to promote people to live in suburban areas instead of large cities.
Most people living in larger areas are facing many problems in their daily life.In this essay,am going to discuss my suggestions about it.
Though life now is easier, more comfortable and satisfying in big cities, dwellers still get struggle with troubles during their basic life which are explained below. To my way of thinking, I do not believe discouraging them to keep staying in cities is an effective measure to solve this.
Today's individual; wants to live a high quality life which they can obtain from urban areas. But, staying in suburb area is not that easy because of the various daily life issues. Firstly, this essay will discuss the prime issue which people face on a regular basis and secondly, explain, how government can inspire individuals to stay or relocate to rural areas.
Residents in urban areas encounter a lot of challenges on daily basis. This essay would first discuss the problems individuals encounter in urban area, then i shall look at why the goverment should not encourage people to relocate to rural reas.
Residents of urban areas encounter lots of challenges on a daily basis. This essay would first discuss the problems individuals encounter in urban areas, then I shall look at the impact if they relocated to rural areas.
The industrialization has led to a huge concentration of material resources around specific geographies thereby attracting a large number of immigrants from rural areas in search of livelihood thus leading to rapid urbanization and creation of megacities.  These cities continue to offer a multitude of opportunities to its residents but at the same time, their infrastructure is getting overwhelmed by the swelling population leading to problems in everyday life.  The essay will discuss what these problems are and will suggest whether the governments should encourage people to move to smaller regional towns to address these issues.
Currently, urban dwellers need to deal with numerous issues. From my perspective, these problems are mostly manifested in housing and traffic aspects, governments should use counter-urbanization as a measure to ease the mentioned problems.
In recent years, there have been a number of everyday problems that people in big cities have to cope with. This essay will discuss two major problems, corruption and knowledge overload, which I believe should lead governments to encourage people to move to regional areas.
That people living in large cities now face countless problems in their everyday is a thorny issue. Some people claim that environmental degradation is the chief problem whereas others argue that the spread of fatal diseases receives wide concern. My essay will analyze the main problems which citizens are exposed to in metropolitan areas.
I completely disagree that teachers should be able to ask disruptive children to leave the class. There are several reasons to prove my opinion.
In recent years, the statement that citizens residing in metropolises could encounter a number of problems has been in question. Although these issues may be regarded as a dilemma, authorities should galvanize their citizens into living in smaller towns or rural areas as a best way to tackle these.
The idea of the overwhelming majority of individuals who live in mega-cities nowadays that confront a wide range of negative influences has become a source of controversy. In the essay, I will indicate several problems and reasons as to why lots of people ought to relocate to rural areas.
In the light of the metropolis, a great number of issues triggers various difficulties for citizens. This essay will shed light on both these issues and the reason why I disagree an incentive method that encouraging inhabitants to move to small towns of the national authorities.
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