Some people say that music is a good way of bringing people of different cultures and ages.together To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

In our boring life,music can be give us rejuvenate, enyoyment and pleasure.Music is a one kind of road of communicated as well as connected different community or culture together. In my knowledge based,I cannot agree that music is a proper path of coming people of variant cultures and ages together. I considered that music is a amazing way but it is not magnificent way. Firstly,There is no doubt that melody can be removed our restless,but how song can only superior way to add people, culture as well.they are several of path to together society. For illustrious -qualified behaviour, dynamic personality, honesty and so on can be tools of add people not only way music. Moreover, song also created noise and disturb others. If i love music it does not mean that everybody loves music.Secondly, loud music damage our ear,as well as create amply environment pollution. Like, sound pollution. On the top of that a number of seriour citizens and Islamic mind people does not pay momentous this types of way to get connected Although music maked lot of problems but a specific time need to hear song. For example a time when we feel alone, we need a company that time mucis can do manything..Most of the foreigners who don’t know that country Language thay also can feel tune. In appenance , tune is a better path get to gether community but it is need how we utilize in it. In conclusion, I believed that music is a excellent way but it is not better for everyone.
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