Modern technology is now very common in workplaces. How do you think that this has changed the way we work? Do you think there are disadvantages to relying too on technology?

Due to competitive globalisation, the way we work has been changed dramatically over a decade. Nowadays, for many people technological innovation is considered as a boon in job institutions. However, there are both pros and cons in deciding to do this. Let's begin by looking at the advantages of modern machinery over workplaces. One of main positives is that technology has made our efforts much less laborious. In other words, there is plenty of new machinery rushing to market each day. To illustrate, modern computers are light years ahead of those which people used in the 90s. Thus, in this way digital automation aid employers in reducing workload stress. furthermore, utilisation of modern innovation enhances the productivity of the workplace in this global scenario. Hence, it enables the company to succeed in the era of competition. Turning to the other side of an argument, the major drawback is deterioration of physical health. In other words, people now lead a sedentary work schedule. In addition, it hampers mental and physical development of employees. In spite of this, Another issue is that technology has epidemically flared and even overtaking the humans. For instance, with the involvement of machinery in agriculture, it reduces the demand of workers in farmland. Thus, it elevates unemployment ratio in the country. ‌ In conclusion, the introduction of technology in working places has detrimental effects such as health issues and unemployment. However, I personally believe that the benefits of modern gismos in terms of better productivity and a reduction in workload eventually outweigh any negatives.
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