i. #Crime | #Education - In many countries schools have severe problems with student behaviour. What do you think are the causes of this? What solution can you suggest?

In recent years, the cases of child’s misbehaviour have been skyrocketing in the majority of schools in the world. Notwithstanding, this disclosure will delve into the rationale behind this unfortunate occurrence, and subsequently, will put forward the panacea to arresting the menace. Apparently, a growing number of advocates support that a misbehaviour of a kid in a school is because of not having strict laws of discipline and poor management style. The justification for this argument might be that a lack of control over monitoring the students’ activities such as using laptops, cell phones and other devices while attempting lecturers. Moreover, the professors are nowadays not interested in an actual tutoring methods, but only in getting paid by an online presentation. On top of that, the parents are allowing their offspring to use technologies and internet out of limit, which directly contribute to rude and mean nature of a student; consequently, the kids indulges themselves into wrong aspects, namely, drug addiction, alcohol dependency, use of abusive languages, and being harmful to other people surrounding to them. To exemplify, one survey published in the New York Times, 30% students are indulging themselves in misbehaving due to lack of guidance and the habits of their peer groups. However, taking a look at it from the flip side, could the contenders of the school of thought that strict rules and regulations along with effective management structure be absolutely right? Certainly, the justification behind this argument might be that the disciplined classrooms with enthusiastic mentors and stricter punishment for breaking the rules by an authority. Furthermore, the contract with the parents, including some duties and responsibilities of the guardians of taking care of their child can bring more politeness and maturity in students’ lives. To conclude, having explored the both slants, I reiterate that a kid’s misbehaviour is due to lack of supervision of parents as well as teachers, and to curb this worrying trend the colleges and the guardians have to work altogether.
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