Some people think that the most important thing about being rich is it gives a person the opportunity to help other people. Do you agree or disagree?

Nowadays, people think that money makes many things.Some of them believe that being wealthy gives an individual to support others.This essay will argue that a person doesn't necessarily has to be rich to help other people. To commence with, Individuals believe that being rich will provide a chance to assist poor citizens.Because these people will have surplus money in the bank accounts which could be used to provide essentials for the below poverty categories.For example, recently, we have seen lockdown has impacted many lives. Wealthy persons can distribute essentials those who lost their income because of the pandemic.Moreover, rich human beings can also provide assistance to others in terms of health and education.Though there are many other factors, health and education are major for any human being.For instance, many multinational company CEO's established charity organizations. These companies built quality schools and hospitals to the underrated citizens. However, people don't have to be rich to support others. Despite the income is less, many middle class holders have also supported to the society.To illustrate, employees who earn monthly, donate a certain percentage of their income to the needy regularly.In addition, all wealthy professionals will not donate regularly, they do it once in a while.Since they are greedy for money, they just keep it in banks for future generations and increase their properties. To give a clear example, in countries like India, poverty can be eliminated if all the wealthy people provide necessities to the needy regularly. To conclude, this essay had argued that a person who is not wealthy can also grab the opportunity to support others who are in need.Hence, I disagree with the question statement mentioned above,
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