TOPIC: A serious problem affecting countries around the globe is the lack of water for drinking, washing and other household uses. Why do many countries face water shortages and what can be done to alleviate the problem?

It is true that in recent years water scarcity has become a serious problem involving many parts of the world. There are several reasons behind this phenomenon and a number of measures that should be adopted by governments and individuals to improve the situation. There are two basic reasons why the number of countries facing high water shortages. One reason is water abuse. That means that, in some countries, water is used for recreational activities such as water parks or amusement parks, regardless of the effects it may have on the area. different in the world. In addition, fountains often found in some tourist destinations can be an attractive sight to tourists but they are also a serious case that wastes a valuable limited resource. To solve this problem, the government should charge water at a higher price. Therefore, people will be more aware of the amount of water they spend each day. Another cause of water shortage is water pollution. This is due to the direct treatment of raw sewage from factories and factories entering the river. Wastewater contains various extremely toxic chemicals and makes the water no longer safe to consume. Addressing this issue involves imposing more severe penalties on companies and corporations that violate the law by not installing the appropriate wastewater treatment system. If stricter rules are applied, the water source will be protected from harmful chemicals. All things considered, there is no doubt that water scarcity is an increasingly worrying issue. As I see it, governments and citizens all play a role in dealing with the problem. Action must be taken urgently, otherwise we will face terrible results in the future.
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