Some people think that big international sporting events are not worthwhile for the host country. Do you agree or disagree?

Sporting event attracts many international fans to the host country. However, Events such as these have both the negative and positive impact on the hosting country. Let's have a detailed discussion for both the sides. There are many good things about getting a chance to perform as a host for the sports gathering. Firstly, It's a proud moment for the whole community. For Example, All the community comes with a support of the home team in such a gathering. Secondly, The economics gain due to an increased travel. For Instance, Many of the people get jobs, hotels booking, local travel packages sold due to such activity. Finally, Increase awareness among young people about the sports. Many famous sports personals visiting during that time will be a role model for the youth. There are few negative scenarios for the countries as in the details below.The most common issue amongst all nations is the impact on nature. For Example, Bad effect can cause via cutting of the forest and trees to build a new stadium and infrastructure. Also, Over utilization of resources can be another issue. Although, most of the issues seem to be making a high impact, but via careful analysis and management we can reduce it to a certain extent. One of the solution can be an eco-friendly construction. Authorities can reduce the greenhouse effect by introducing eco-friendly travel plans. To conclude, People do have an opinion about the world sports game is not worthwhile for the nation hosting it. But, we need to consider all positives in a long run for such games.
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