Some parents are worried about the increasing level of violence in TV,vido games & other types of entertainment for children's leisure. How does this affect children? How do you think problem can be tackled?

Many parents are worried about the augmenting level of nuisance created by several digital gadgets and few of entertainment sources which are used by children to reduce their stress level. It can be directly affected on their mind and its impact shows on their behaviour. It can be solved by proper monitoring and guiding them. Today, several television shows are showing violent contents in it and children are very interested to watch it. Their minds are deceptively so, they cannot think about its negative effects else they are continuous watching it and enjoying however, it is an effect on their behaviour. Many times children become aggressive on their friends and relatives on very small matter. Some of them are constantly playing video games which resist their imaginative power and badly affect their studies. Now-a-days drugs and alcohol scenes are frequently telecasted on TV which are blindly followed by children and ruin their life. For example, 'Play Rummy' is a very famous online game these days, so most of the children are engaging in it. When they are playing games some of them are losing several money in it which leads them to do bad things. I think there are several ways which can be used to control this violence. Parents should monitor their child's activities regularly and prepare schedule accordingly. Parents try to become a good friend of their child, so they can share their problems without any fear. Parents have to realize their mistakes in a polite manner. For an example, the child lock facility is easily available, so they can lock channels and websites which prevent them to go astray. To conclude, in this digitized era children can learn several unnecessary things by several ways so, parents need to become more careful and active. They have to watch out their children's activity and guide them.
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