We have a mixture of people from different cultures and ethnic groups in a country. Do the advantages of this outweigh the disadvantages?

Nowadays, many people from different countries and races live together. Both the advantages and disadvantages of
social situation will be looked at, examples and analysis will be provided below. There are several benefits of a mixture nation that people from
various cultural
and foremost, people who live in multicultural society could learn from others, which means that they have more opportunities to experience other people’s unique things
, lifestyle and the way of thinking.
For instance
, we will find
that is
much easier to learn a
if children live with foreign neighbours or classmates
of studying in courses, because they could talk with native speakers to get the core of
In addition
, living with people from diverse states will enable us to become more understanding and tolerant. I mean people won’t be too judged to unfamiliar things as they can access to different customs and beliefs in different cultures easily.
, there are
some drawbacks may caused by multiracial community.
To begin
with, some people may lose their capabilities of their ethnic like native
or traditional customs. The reason is that the international
is English, so most of people need to communicate with others in English. Case in point, a lot of young Asians who have emigrated to western countries can’t use their mother tongue fluently, even don’t know the history of their own country.
, If people insist on their own way of doing things and refuse to respect other cultures, there will be conflicts between people. In conclusion, the advantages of a multicultural society outweigh its disadvantages.
it does bring some problems,
a society still would surely be better for stability and peace in the world.
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