Nowadays people make new friends through Social networks and internet chat groups.some people think this is good.other think that face to face interaction is essential.Discuss both views and give your opinion

Having more friends is important in today's lifestyle. While few human are preferred to make friends through social media, others love to make friends in
essay will discuss why people like either social media or direct contact to make new friends and my opinion about the best friend making platform.
, The web is becoming a popular platform to find people these days.
some people are using the internet to make new friends, others are benefiting communicating with their old friends.
, few people are using social media without following privacy policies which result in privacy breach.
For instance
, recent research shows that the majority of people badly affected by wrong internet users. So, it is always better to use the web only for communicating with the known people.
, direct contact is the best platform to make new friends in my opinion. While we are not able to understand a
on the
meet, it is possible that we will be able to know about the
in a few meetings.
, face to face interaction will help identifying the quality and behaviour about the
. So that we can determine he or she can be our good friend for the rest of the life.
For example
, in my place there are many people having good friends from their school and community,
on the other hand
, there are people got affected because of social media, when they intend to search friends. To conclude, in
contact is must when we are making a new friend.
As a result
of bad internet usage by many people, it is always better to have friends only after interacting with the
multiple times.
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