Nowadays food has become easier to prepare. Has this change improved the way people live? Give reasons for your answer using your own ideas and experience

There is no doubt that meal preparation has become easier for us due to the latest technological advancements, and
has impacted our lives too.
essay shall discuss how these changes have improved our living styles.
of all, the latest technology has made cooking easier, and now it took lesser time to prepare meals.
In other words
, more food can be prepared in shorter time-span and
useful to arrange foodstuffs for a large number of people on special occasions and parties.
, a variety of dishes can be made straight away with the help of latest gadgets
as ovens, and mixer grinders. A recent survey conducted showed that in the past, women used to spend 80% of their daytime in cooking meals, but now it is merely 10% of their daily routine.
, there are some negative impacts associated with
latest change, and one
effect is that individuals are getting lazier than before; they just want to sit and eat on their couches.
, these easy meal preparation techniques have accelerated the growth of fast food industries due to which people are becoming foodies and have started eating a lot.
For example
, 70% of children in western countries like the USA and the UK are obese and diabetic, and the reason behind
is the latest fast-food culture. In conclusion, I believe that
altered situation has both upsides and downsides as on one hand, these new techniques of foodstuff preparation are easier and time-saving and
on the other hand
has promoted the lazy and inactive lifestyle.
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