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The growth of online shopping one day lead to all shops in town and cities closing. Do you agree or disagree?

The tendency of purchasing products from e-commerce sites are so raising that now it is also valid to think about the shutdowns of outlets in urban areas. Despite this, I oppose this viewpoint because direct shopping provides specific facilities which will keep it ongoing, such as, checking the commodity quality personally, and acts as a sort of entertainment. Analysing brand quality by watching the photos or videos is not as satisfactory and reliable as when consumers do it directly. In a shopping centre, customers can touch the item and can feel the difference and comfort by giving a trial that is not possible on online shopping. So, shoppers choose an item, online only when they are in a shortage of time, otherwise, they prefer to visit a store to obtain that. For example, a report on the Daily Economy shows that in town area sales decrease in a holiday on almost every e-commerce portal when it rises in outlets. Moreover, shopping outside is also an opportunity for refreshments and social gatherings. Many people in cities meet together while shopping and throw business and family parties the restaurant that we cannot expect from online stores. Apart from this, randomly visiting products in shopping complexes, gathering information about upcoming items gives a different taste of expending free time, and so shops still attract shoppers. For instance, a study of buying habit shows, many people purchase a little or not, but spend a long time searching and checking products, and they find it entertaining for them. To conclude, we can say that the popularity of buying a product from the internet cannot ensure the satisfaction and entertainment that a shopping corner can provide. So, in spite of this, e-commerce influence shops will not be closed in the near future.
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