The percentage of overweight children in western countries has increased by 20% in last 20 years. Discuss the causes and effects of disturbing trend.

fast paced and technically advanced life, the weight of children has surges to a certain extent that, in western countries, the obese children have increased by 20% in
twenty years. There are several reasons for
as the technological advancements, less importance to physical work. In my essay I would like to shed some light on the causes, effects as well as solutions to the problem of obesity proportion. To commence with, One of the
problems of the obesity is the over consumption of fast food with the lack of exercise.
, in
technical era, most of the children spend their time watching TV or play video games on the electronic gadgets
of outdoor games, which make them to stick in front of the screen and end to turn them in a couch potato.
, both parents are working dawn to dust, and they left with no time for cooking the traditional meal, In sharp contrast, Fast cooking, restaurants have become ubiquitous and easily available and
that is
the reason that fast food is in vogue, as it has a high calorie it makes to weight gain. To cite an example, most of the fast items are fried or have a high amount of cheese. The overweight increases the chances of the chronic diseases
as Diabetes, Heart related issues and high blood pressure which ultimately ruins their health in the long run.
For instance
, 70% of the adolescents in the USA are the victim of the obesity.
In addition
to that, obese children lose their confidence and they feel lazy in their daily life which greatly affects the productivity and work efficiency. Apart from that, it creates the deficiency of vitamins. To conclude, to protect children from overweight, parents should keep a habit of cook and eat of the traditional meal.
, teachers and parents should give knowledge about the detrimental effects of fast snack on health and the importance of a healthy diet. Government can play a role in making sports compulsory in school life. It would be good if the parents and children understand the negative impacts of fast foodstuff and can turn back to the healthy diet with traditional meals.
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