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Should wealthy nations be required to share their wealth among poorer nations by providing such things as food and education. Or is it the responsibility of the governments of the poorer nations to look after their citizens themselves?

Our world is mainly divided into two types of countries – developed and developing (underdeveloped). I opine that while governments of developing countries are responsible for their citizens, developed countries too can contribute their bit. To begin with, the world should be considered as a family. Because all the countries share the same natural resources, problems created by one nation can affect another. For example, if the developing countries add serious level of pollution to the environment, the resultant global warming will affect developed countries as well. Hence, if developed nations share technical know-how and other useful information with developing nations, some global issues can be effectively tackled. Furthermore, people who are starving for basic necessities can threaten the peace of the world. We cannot deny the fact that humans have some basic necessities such as food and shelter and non-availability of these can lead them to invade the places which are rich and prosperous. This situation can even culminate in wars. For example, people from some developing countries always try to enter developed nations in search of a better future. This creates conflicts between them. We have recently seen problems of refugee camps near France border which is created by the people affected by Syrian crises. Therefore, if the developed world takes care of underdeveloped nations, peace can be established. Moreover, the value of aid that poor nations receive is much higher than its cost for rich nations. Developed world uses their wealth in luxury and non-basic amenities which are not necessities. Alternatively, if the same wealth is expended for providing food and education in developing nations, it will be worthier. For example, countries like USA can cut some spending on entertainment and deploy it for providing food and education in some countries in Africa. In conclusion, wealthy nations should consider themselves as care takers and provide maximum support for basic necessities such as food and education in developing countries.
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