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Some people work for the same organization all their working life. Others think that is is better to work for the different organization. Discuss both the views and give your opinion.

It is irrefutable that manifold people prefer to work with a similar organization in their whole official life, whereas, others ponder that switching companies are beneficial. In my opinion, I do agree with this notion, that being associated with one corporation for more than a year can give you a flexible career, however, changing the firm assists you to grasp new technology and enhance your remuneration as well. On the one hand, serving a similar industry for a long time can assist the employee to maintain a balance in their personal and professional life. To be more precise, when an associate completes a certain milestone in an organization, it builds an unbreakable trust with his colleagues and managers, therefore, higher authorities does not hesitate to delegate a responsibility of critical clients and projects to him. Moreover, a worker adjusts himself with another company norms, such as leave policies, shift hours, and working pattern of co-workers. On the other hand, associating with myriad enterprises has its own benefits. Simply stated, every corporation deals with different softwares and technical skills, thus, if a person works with innumerable office it gives him an opportunity to acquire new learnings, for instance, programming language, presentation and graphical knowledge, dealing with new co-worker and higher authorities. These teachings can add feathers in their career in a long run and later on aid them to earn a handsome package and upper position as the person has become expertise in various domains. To conclude, multifarious people choose to keep going on with single firm, however, some consider to take experience in multiple offices. In my opinion, I do not but agree with this notion that being a part of one company lifelong gives a comfortable job, and exploring other the firms gives a better salary and new learnings.
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