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Some businesses find that their new employees lack basic interpersonal skills such as cooperative skills. What are the causes? Suggest possible solutions.

Skills are considered to be a vital aspect from a business perspective. But some businesses found that their new employees do lack basic interpersonal skills such as teamwork, active listening and many more. Well, the education system and the method of selection can be held responsible for this issue and significant measures can be taken to improve the current scenario. Firstly, the education system lacks to produce employees who are not only good with numbers and theories, but also manages to lead and work along with the team as well. Our education system focuses only on the theoretical knowledge and does not hold practical and extra curriculum activities to be of that importance As a result, people are facing a lot of challenges in their field job. Moreover, the selection process for the jobs also contributes to such situations where employees fail to demonstrate collaborative skills. To enhance these skills, various steps need to be taken. The educational systems need to inculcate extra-curriculum activities as an important part of studies by providing scores for the activities taken. They should also promote the importance of sports through which one can not only learn to work in a team, but also be an active listener and can learn to take responsibilities for their actions. This can be done by awarding extra marks to their academic scores. Thus, encouraging students to be an active sports person which will later help them to cross obstacles during their job. However, the process for the employee selection also do need a second check. They should hold various activities where they can actually test the skills of an individual. For example, group discussions can tell a lot about an individual, like their ability to listen and react. This can help to identify eligible employee for a company. Along with this, companies should hold fun activities from time to time to keep employees motivated and make them realise how necessary is team work to produce effective results for a company. In a nutshell, not only educational system needs to work but also companies need to bend their methods to find eligible and a reliable candidate for their company.
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