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Some people believe academic success depends mostly on having a good teacher. Others argue that it is the attitude of the student that matters most. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

In today's life, each scholar owns a mobile phone. While these devices can be used for security, connection or even study purposes, some schools have chosen to restrict the usage of phones on the campus. This essay will argue why this is a positive step and that it will not just benefit academically but also physically and socially. Restricting the need of a phone in the classroom will improve learning. Without these devices, there are far lesser distractions that will allow the student to concentrate on what is presented by the teacher. When a pupil has their cell phone in their lap, they have this urge to constantly looking through their text messages and reading and scrolling through this irrelevant information, moreover, the disruption during a class presentation when a mobile-phone starts ringing or vibrating. These distractions draw attention away from important academical matters and reduce concentrate span, hence can have a long-term effect on academic progress. By restricting phone use during class, allows the student to focus, which has a positive effect on academic development. Regulating access to mobile phones on campus will lead to improved wellbeing. Rather than being on your phone student will be more encouraged to communicate with each other, creating friends and relationships with their fellow students. During school break, more and more student is reading through their message and catching up on their social media updates that they forget about the environment around then, and easily could find themselves left out. Furthermore, students that own phone is more likely to be involved with cyberbullying or are bullied. These effects can then lead to anxiety, loneliness and eventually to suicide. Without a phone in your hand, you can connect to the world around you, which will lead to better wellbeing. To summarise, I strongly believe restricting the use of phones during class and on the campus do have positive effects on all students. Not only do these devices disrupt the teacher and fellow students, but have a great impact on your health and social being. In conclusion, despite phones being a part of modern life, I strongly feel that their handling in school should be limited. With firm boundaries in place, students are able to learn better and strength their friendships.
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