Men and women are different in terms of their characteristics and abilities. For this reason, some jobs are better done by men and others by women. Do you agree or disagree?

The society is built upon by the contribution from men and women both. Some would argue that, while shortlisting
aspirants, we should consider their genders
. According to my personal opinion, I could not agree with the idea of proponents as talent and personal traits should be given utmost priority.
To begin
with, behind the successful completion of jobs, the human brains are solely responsible, no matter whatever sex they belong to. To simplify, to achieve something, only talent and knowledge on that specific matter are needed. For an example, when ISRO successfully sends a spacecraft to the Moon, that will only be possible for a group of researchers and scientists who work day and night irrespective of being male or female.
, it is even observed that, what some orthodox people consider only as a man's
that is
completed by a woman more efficiently.
, some jobs require certain characteristic traits and fierce determination rather than being a boy or a girl. To elaborate, to enter into an organization, often the
are needed
is needed
to undergo with some exams or trainings and if we make that gender specific,
the competition's standard will decrease and many talented people will not have even an opportunity to prove themselves. For an example, according to a social study conducted by The Oxford University
year, it is proved that in many cases women competitors are more strong willed and determined than her male counterpart and by including every eligible candidates for an exam despite of being male or female, the competition standard will
increase and that can
help to obtain appropriate candiates for a specific
. To conclude, the eligibility of someone should be determined by his or her merit and personality rather than sex. I would suggest, that government should make necessary campaigns to make all kinds of candidates more enthusiastic in applying for new opportunities.
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Topic Vocabulary:
  • innate
  • biological differences
  • characteristics
  • gender roles
  • stereotypes
  • equal opportunities
  • gender biases
  • fair representation
  • skills
  • qualifications
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