In the last 20 years, there have been significant developments in the field of information technology (IT), for example, the World Wide Web and communication by email. However, these developments in IT are likely to have more negative effects than positive in the future.

Nowadays, the advancement of Information Technology, specifically the
has transformed the face of our civilization. Albeit, the
has several drawbacks, I disagree that it outweighs the advantages. It is true that the
can bring some negative influences toward human behaviour,
as consumerism and autistic manner, to name a few. Consumerism,
for example
, is caused by the rapid growth of e-commerce, online advertising, and
accessibility. Because of
, people found it easy to do transactions. They prefer to buy things online other than making an effort to go to their nearest local retail shop.
On the other hand
conditions, especially
access, which compounded by the widespread use of mobile gadgets, had induced autistic manner among
user. Autistic here, means, that people tend to be less active and isolated at the same time because they can easily do things with the
by only having gadgets in their hand or sitting in front of the computer.
, information technology has
done justice to mankind.
, it helped bring people together despite country boundary and remoteness.
, due to the
, people can bridge the gap of communication's distance easily and rapidly. Some examples
these are the usage of instant messenger, email, and online meeting application.
, since
helped eliminate territorial's gap, any world citizen can now easily spread their movement to the global citizen. In conclusion,
Information Technology, particularly
the internet
, has several negative impacts, in my opinion, it has more advantages to offer to our future generations.
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Support ideas with relevant, specific examples

Examples make your writing easier to understand by illustrating points more effectively.

Examples, if used properly, not only help you get higher marks for ‘Task Response’ but also for ‘Coherence’.

When giving examples it is best to put them after your main idea or topic sentence. They can be used in the middle of supporting sentences or they can be used to start a new sentence. There is no rule for where exactly to give examples in essays, logically they would come after your main idea/topic sentence or just after a supporting sentence.

Linking words for giving examples:

  • for example
  • for instance
  • to illustrate this
  • to give a clear example
  • such as
  • namely
  • to illustrate
  • take, for example

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Topic Vocabulary:
  • technological dependency
  • data breaches
  • identity theft
  • digital divide
  • automation
  • artificial intelligence
  • e-waste
  • social inequalities
  • mental health issues
  • environmental consequences
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