An increasing number of larger shopping areas, malls and department stores are leading to the decline of smaller corner shops. what are the advantages and disadvantages of shopping in larger shopping centers rather than smaller, more traditional shops?

is often seen in today's modern society that large shopping malls and supermarkets are expanding and increasing in popularity as
in contrast
to petty roadside stores.
essay will discuss various benefits
as increment in employment as well as rendering a comfortable experience for customers.
, its
to everyone tends to be a major drawback.
, the availability of jobs to the masses brought by large urban shops is a major strength. These supermarkets provide vacancies of different positions and accommodates as many employees as possible, thereby generating income for the country through tax payment as well as reducing the amount of unemployed graduates in the country. To illustrate
, a company known as Shoprite has employed over 30,000 staffs in different parts of Nigeria.
, these shops have given rise to technological advancement in terms of payment. Modern marts use devices
as POS to clear goods bought resulting to easy shopping and saving the customer the stress of carrying around a huge amount of money. As opposed to the above, roadside vendors can accommodate a salesman who manages the entire store and consumers are expected to pay with cash.
, the outlined advantages portray a pleasant and welcomed development.
In contrast
, enormous stores and plazas sell goods at an expensive price which makes it difficult for everyone to buy groceries.
For instance
, a sachet of milk can be sold at 2000 Naira.
, items are packaged in big sizes and they may not have smaller sizes.
, it would lead to an individual not being able to buy that item. To exemplify
, a bag of rice may be sold at 50kg and 20kg but a family would prefer to buy 5kg. To conclude, places where goods and services are rendered
as supermarket and malls has lead to a decrease in little shops. Its advantages were seen to, bring the availability of jobs and comfort to individuals, but inability to afford various commodities was the major disadvantage.
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Topic Vocabulary:
  • decline
  • corner shops
  • larger shopping centers
  • mall
  • department store
  • advantages
  • disadvantages
  • wide range
  • brands
  • convenience
  • ease of shopping
  • food options
  • entertainment options
  • competitive prices
  • discounts
  • modern
  • comfortable
  • shopping environment
  • parking spaces
  • one-stop shopping
  • services
  • customer service
  • locally owned businesses
  • overcrowding
  • long lines
  • impersonal
  • overwhelming
  • excessive consumerism
  • environmental impact
  • consumption
  • limited opportunities
  • bargaining
  • dependency
  • transportation
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