Many people want their country to host an international sporting event. Other believe that international sporting events bring more problems than benefits. Discuss both views and state your opinion.

International sporting games are widely spread in the world. It is an honour to be hosting
events because of increasing economy and
, it is undeniable that sporting events cause issues need to deal with. In
essay, discuss both perspectives and review my opinion.
, Holding the sporting event in their own homes bring benefit to increasing the economy level.
For instance
, as a host of the sporting game, they can expect to meet enormous potential customers who book a hotel or shopping in the local area, including inclusive business if they organize it.
For example
, in Japan, the Olympic games will start in 2021, the government expects to increase income 20 percent higher than used to.
, holding sporting games in their countries overweight problems.
, it is very natural that the
gets an enormous publicity and world's attention. It
gives a solid chance for the
to promote their culture and indicate its power across the world. To be specific, the election by choosing the place of sporting event,
as the Olympic, each of ambassadors tries to appeal their own
to impress public through the media.
also connect
also connects
has also connected
to the
mentioned point, which enhance the my statement too.
, it is undeniable that those sporting events cause some environmental issues,
as an illegal abandoned waste. In other word, in Korea, it is well-known that the venue of the Olympic has rotten and became a place of waste.
place has never been used after the Olympic because the government of Korea cannot find the solution of replacement.
, the voter who, rejecting the holding the sporting events in their
say the right opinion in no small measure. In conclusion, it is true that holding the big events, like the Olympic in their nation have a minor issue to consider it. But the aforementioned points can overweight the negative opinion, and holding the international games bring immeasurable benefits to their nation for sure.
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