Is it more important to be able to work with a group of people on a team or to work independently? Use reasons and specific examples to support your answer.

is an important part of our lives. No matter where we are or what we do, we cannot escape our
tasks whether
Accept comma addition
tasks, whether
in school or at
. Some people believe that working in a
is more important than working individually. While Others disagree. In my view, I believe that
is better for two important reasons.
, more successful ideas will be collected when working in a
. Getting ideas from 4 to 5 persons has a great varying than when we get them from one person.
For instance
, when I was in the high school I was asked for a project and
project mainly consists of 5 members. After the 5 members were chosen, I was a little bit frustrated because it was the
time to
in a
and we have to think together for ideas as our
is dependently. I took a deep
Accept comma addition
breath, then
breath then
told myself that everything will be okay. In our
meeting, we
have been collected
have been collecting
numerous ideas to support our project and
mainly was the transition point in my life.
In addition
, the school announced for the results and we got the highest score.
experience taught me that it’s very beneficial to
with others and it’s so apparent in the results.
, reduction of stress due to working in a
. Definitely working with other members will reduce the stress and the huge amount of
that any individual will have if he works alone.
For example
, two years ago when I was in grade 10, I was required by only one task within working in a
which made me more focus on what I required to finish.
every one
of the
had to give his task to a specify person who collected all the tasks together and put them in one folder to submit it to the teacher.
, my friend in another
chose to
individually without any help. He was very stressed by the deadline and the immense tasks as he asked the teacher to extend his
deadline but
Accept comma addition
deadline, but
she told him that
extending will decrease his score. Even though
that is
true that working independently has its own advantages and a way of
self-reliance but
Accept comma addition
self-reliance, but
in the
result it
Accept comma addition
result, it
won’t be as good as working in a
unstressed. In sum, though some may refute the idea of working together in a
group but
Accept comma addition
group, but
it’s an important and more beneficial way to finish any kind of
. Not only it helps in collecting more successful
ideas but
Accept comma addition
ideas, but
reduces the stress during
. We should know
the good
effects of working with a team.
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Include an introduction and conclusion

A conclusion is essential for IELTS writing task 2. It is more important than most people realise. You will be penalised for missing a conclusion in your IELTS essay.

The easiest paragraph to write in an essay is the conclusion paragraph. This is because the paragraph mostly contains information that has already been presented in the essay – it is just the repetition of some information written in the introduction paragraph and supporting paragraphs.

The conclusion paragraph only has 3 sentences:

  • Summary
  • Restatement of thesis
  • Prediction or recommendation


To summarize, a robotic teacher does not have the necessary disciple to properly give instructions to students and actually works to retard the ability of a student to comprehend new lessons. Therefore, it is clear that the idea of running a classroom completely by a machine cannot be supported. After thorough analysis on this subject, it is predicted that the adverse effects of the debate over technology-driven teaching will always be greater than the positive effects, and because of this, classroom teachers will never be substituted for technology.

Start your conclusion with a linking phrase. Here are some examples:

  • In conclusion
  • To conclude
  • To summarize
  • Finally
  • In a nutshell
  • In general

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