Some people think that the best way to stay fit is to join a gym/health club while others think doing everyday activities such as walking and climbing stairs is sufficient. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Exercise is must for being healthy in life. It is often believed that the one can be fit by performing workout in the gym whereas on the other side, few of them think that daily warm up exercises like jogging, walking and climbing is enough to stay healthy in the life. Both the nations have their own weightage and would like give the reason as well as my opinion in the below paragraphs.
To begin
with, very well said phrase that "healthy mind in a healthy body." Being healthy is a treasure of human. The healthy body can do work in an efficient way. One can achieve happiness by doing yoga, running, jogging, climbing and stretching at home only without using any machines. The person can take out at least half an hour in the morning and same in the evening.
In addition
to that, person can do it while doing their household chores.
For instance
, nowadays mother after pregnancy keeps herself fit by doing the workout in the form of play with their child.
help her to spend time with the child and on the exercise at the same moment.
On the contrary
, If sometime persons do not have enough time and environment, they can join the gym.
, there are few people who demand for the specialised training for their competitive exams, in that case trainers are essential,
for example
as body builders, models, and actors. But in my point of view if one has green environment,
there is no need of health club. One can be a fit by doing the stairs climbing, pushups, jogging in the open area. To sum up, there is not doubt warm-up is must for long and healthy life. So it can be achieved either by performing workout at home or in a gym. Depends on the requirements and daily schedule can opt any option as both help them to be sound and strong.
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Topic Vocabulary:
  • cardiovascular health
  • resistance training
  • physical endurance
  • muscle tone
  • caloric expenditure
  • sedentary lifestyle
  • motivational factor
  • fitness regimen
  • holistic health
  • sustainable exercise habit
  • metabolic rate
  • physical exertion
  • exercise consistency
  • health maintenance
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