Today more and more tourists are visiting places where conditions are difficult, such as Sahara and Antarctic. What are the benefits and disadvantages for tourists who visit such places.

Nowadays, more and more travellers are visiting troublesome places where environments are challenging, like the Sahara and Antarctic.
visitors can achieve different exciting skills and an adventurous trip, whereas there is some drawback that must be taken into account. In
essay we will discuss some pros and cons of tourism in tough areas.
, the main advantages of touring in the most extreme locations is that they achieve best physical activity which strengthen their health.
For example
, if an individual is hiking on the mountain and is not fit physically cannot complete his task or he might get himself or herself hurt, but whereas a fit person can aim his goals and finish his or her adventure.
, a tourist who wants to experience any extreme surviving challenges in life can enjoy by fighting back with all the circumstances he or she has to face.
For instance
, if a person who wants to learn about the animals he or she has to sit in the jungle woods for days to explore the animals and live safely. In
way a person can learn a lot new things and how to live in impossible places.
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to the disadvantages is that in
crucial region one cannot find any emergency medical support,
as, if an individual is on the snow mountain and has an accident, he or she might have to wait for the medical services because of the unfavourable weather conditions and transportation problems.
, there will be an issue of lack of food stations and poor hotel facilities in
areas. Like in some cases, people who are exploring in the deep sand
as Sahara cannot find many food shops and living apartments which lead them to carry so many food cans and materials like tents, pillow and comforter on their own which will create a problem situation. To summarize, tourism in difficult locality is having a new life experience and people get to learn nature more closely, and on the other side these sites can be life-threatening
because of hard conditions and extreme weather.
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