In a number of countries, some people think it is necessary to spend large sums of money on constructing new railway lines for very fast trains between cities. Others believe the money should be spent on improving existing public transport. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

In numerous nations, it is believed by a few sections of society that it is essential to spend big amount of money on building new railway lines for rapid trains between cities, while others believe that
cash should be used to improve existing public transport.
essay will present both sides of the argument and
I will present my own perspective being that the government should improve existing public transportation. On the one hand, it is thought by some people that the new railway line for rapid trains are necessary and
that is
why it is prominent to invest large sums of cash for that. The main reason for
is that it can reduce the pollution caused by several public vehicles.
For instance
, as the very fast train will reduce the travelling time, more and more people will be encouraged to use
transportation to travel.
in turn not only reduce pollution but
present an opportunity to save the natural resources used as fuel by the several vehicles.
, making it absolutely essential.
On the other hand
, the reason why some people believe that
fund should be invested to improve the already available public transport is that, by
money many existing vehicles can be improved which will benefit a large number of population.
For example
, in many countries,
public transit is seen as environmentally friendly, many old buses produce a lot of smoke, and
could be solved by spending money on electric buses that do not produce harmful emissions.
, current public transport is what people use every day, so it makes sense to improve
rather than build a new system that might not be used so much.
, in my opinion, a high-speed rail system is a great way to connect a country and even a group of countries.
, it is better to improve the current system to a high standard before taking on a new plan.
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  • infrastructure
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  • congestion
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  • connectivity
  • economic growth
  • public transportation
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