Some people believe that the responsibility for the protection of the environment is by a transnational organization, rather than by each individual country. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

day and age, environmental preservation is one of the most concerning problems in the world.
some people argue that the duty of environmental conservation belongs to transnational organizations, while the opposite side believes that each individual nation should take responsibility for
problem. In my opinion, I partly agree with
point of view. On the one hand, each individual nations are the one who takes responsibility for the duty of protecting the surroundings because it directly affects human well-being.
In other words
, the environment has been destructed by anthropogenic activities. Global warming is the case in point. Every year, global temperature has increased due to human activities
as industrial and agricultural activities in the past.
As a result
, conserving the habitat is a serious project which not only benefits humankind in the current generation but
for the future generation.
On the other hand
, I
believe that transnational organizations play an important role in calling citizens all around the world lending a hand to save the surroundings from danger. It is undeniable that international organizations have the power to raise countries’ awareness to keep environmental safety.
For example
, Earth Hour is an event created by the World Wildlife Organization, which encourages residents from all around the world to turn off light to save the habitat.
, the more inhabitants protect the environment, the better the environment is. To sum up, it is critical to protect the setting,
not only transnational organizations but
each individual countries need to be environmentally conscious.
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