The crime rate among teenagers has increased dramatically in many countries. Discuss some possible reasons for this increase and suggest solutions

The Crime records show, that for every single
, a crime is happening somewhere in the world. The most worsening part is, the crime rate is increasing amongst teenagers and youngsters.
is something serious that should be taken into account and to be discussed. We need to find out the possible reasons and try to eradicate them from
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essay is going to analyse them and suggest the respective measures that need to be taken. Normally, the teenage relies on 13-19. Once a teenager completes 18 years of age, he/she becomes major.
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possible reason could be the hormonal changes. Some hormones inside the body cause visible changes in the physic and invisible changes in the thought process. Because the teenagers have an eagerness towards their opposite gender, crimes like sexual harassment, physical abuse, violence against children and women are happening. They get angry for no reasons and followed by that crimes are done out of their control. Lack of sexual education could be
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reason for
, lack of supervision/guidance to youngsters. Since the Parents are working for the betterment of the kid's life, they give all the things that the child wants and lagging on adolescent control.
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comes the economic background. When a 13-year-old boy is economically poor, the does involve in small thefts to big robberies. The fourth point is that, As there is no strong punishment for cybercrimes
as morphing, releasing personal videos on the internet, as they are minor child, the crime rates are desperately increasing. To conclude the discussion, I would like to suggest some solutions from an opt example. A few years ago in
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northern part of India, a minor victim is arrested and released soon after knowing that he is a minor in a sexual abusement case.
heartbreaking news it was. He should have been sentenced to death or life imprisonment. But his age factor helped him to escape from
. Now he is in a rehabilitation centre, Proper counselling is given to him. In another few years
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he will mingle with society.
who will punish him? Law should be re-analysed in order to give them
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appropriate punishment
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