Environmental protection should be the responsibility of politicians, not individuals as individuals can do too little. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

The world is highly populated and so that the
is highly polluted. Everything here is polluted right from the water, air, ambience and so on. Politicians have a great responsibility to protect their
they belong to, as they are the representative of common people. An individual can do only little things, say at their home level, for environmental protection.
essay is all about, to what extent we can agree/disagree
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the individual contribution to a safe
. At one point, Politicians have the political power to deal with any kind of problems. A Mayor / A Counsellor is well aware of the environmental problems prevailing in their area so that they can go up to a higher level to sort out the issue. Whereas a common layman can raise his voice against the situation/implement his own solution at the surroundings, having some concern towards the society, apart from that he can't do anything.
For instance
, there is an overflow of garbage and it produces bad aroma. In
a case, an individual can avoid putting wastes over and over again there and he can put somewhere else in another bin. But a politician can come up with a solution for
and he can take necessary actions regarding
. He can install an extra and large garbage bin over there. Even it is his responsibility to make sure that his people are living in a harmless and safe
On the other hand
, rather than expecting politicians for everything, individuals as a group can bring changes to the society. People who have the same wavelength, join their hands together to protect the circumstances.
For example
, In the Southern part of India, All youngsters gathered to clean the dirty river
that is
running in their village. People of another village cut down the unwanted plants that have been spread over a large area. So, there are young volunteers who are always ready to contribute to the betterment of
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nvironment. To conclude,
there are some possibilities to overcome environmental issues, people are not ready to come out and speak. Of course, it is their right but they don't want to use it unless
it is needed. As far as concern, I partially agree that individuals can do only little things as they do not possess any power. Another state of mind disagrees that individuals can
take corrective measures to solve
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  • impact
  • corporations
  • environmentally friendly practices
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  • expertise
  • collective efforts
  • difference
  • combination
  • crucial
  • effective
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