As air travel has become cheaper, more and more people are travelling abroad for their vacations instead of visiting places in their own country. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this?

It has been seen that Individuals are opting air travel to explore on multifarious tourist attractions, which are out of their country as flights are affordable nowadays, and
trend has various benefits and negative points, which I will discuss with examples in the upcoming paragraphs.
To begin
with, travelling by plane to abroad has numerous advantages.
For instance
, youngsters decide to visit abroad to spend their holidays with their loved ones as they are aware of the flight expense with the help of technology.
, they are grown by their grandparents, who aware them about their tradition and culture, so people want to see something new.
, technology has provided us many electronic gadgets, which are used by human to show how they enjoy their life in the different countries and capture beautiful place's picture and upload on social media, so people follow them, and make decisions to get a new experience in their life. What is more, people get some adventure experience and feel relieved by exploring other countries and share memories with their relatives.
, every coin has two sides and air travel abroad to get a foreign fresh air has
some drawbacks.
For example
, it has been estimated that 90% youth follow the social media and people, who visit in the different nations and upload videos, so beautiful nature views encourage them to visit in other countries, but they are forgetting their culture and heritage, and they do not even know how many tourist attractions their country has.
In addition
, if people lost their interest from their own country's historical places,
they will be unable to preserve their historical places. In conclusion,
trend has more positive sides, but few drawbacks.
, human has right to know about every culture, and they enhance their various kinds of skills by travelling and enjoy their life, but they should
be encouraged towards their countries to know about their own nation
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