Many parents are unhappy with the amount of violence in video games, TV programs and other leisure activities. How harmful could this be to children? What could be done to solve this problem?

It has been said that many digital channels,
as video games and TV programs, show a higher amount of violence.
causes anxiety feelings among parents that allow their children to access those kinds of relaxing activities.
essay will discuss the impacts for children, and
, the solutions to overcome
Change the determiner
show examples
issues. The main reason that parents feel worried about
disturbing contents is that it can influence the children to do so. As well as we have known, children have the tendency to imitate people attitudes, especially if they often watch it by themselves.
it does not directly impact children behaviour in short-term periods, it may gradually remain in their brain.
For example
, a child
that is
often exposed to violent actions in the TV shows like home suicide films has the ability to think to kill somebody when he grows up. In long-time periods, he can actually commit the murderer.
, it is a major problem for parents because they can not always oversee their children. Even though they try to limit the duration for these relaxing activities, it does not guarantee the children will follow it. Regarding that matter, we need solutions to encounter
problem. It may not delete all the possibilities of children to behave wrongly,
, it may reduce the probability of children to do so.
, parents can fill their free time to go to places that full of positive environments,
for example
, museums, zoos, or other field trips, to release their extra energy. In doing so, children may think that they do not need gadgets to feel happy. Another solution is giving them some real-life facts about the negative effects of watching shows that are not suitable for their age.
may lead them to think critically, and
, they can determine their choice. In a nutshell, I reiterate my strong belief that digital programs may bring side effects to children, and it is very understandable that parents are worried about that.
, it is very recommended for parents to do some actions that can alleviate children's energy to spend on something positive.
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