The contemporary world suffers from different kind of distractions namely drug and alcohol obsession, increasing delinquency and addiction to Internet. Nevertheless, there exists one type of addiction that has deeply ingrained in the human mentality, it is gambling. what is the effect of it on families ? Discuss personal views and give opinion.

Distractions are always part and parcel of any societies
the means of it can be changed from time to time. Some would argue that, despite there are many major obsessions and addictions these days namely drugs, alcohol, internet; gambling is the major one. According to my personal view, I strongly agree with the idea of proponents as
particular bad habit can cause bankruptcy and bitter relationship within families.
To begin
with, it is often observed that gambling is associated with high stakes and that can continue to put financial burdens on some family. To elaborate, a family man needs to manage different monetary aspects inside a family so that everyone can live healthily and happily.
, when someone is addicted to gambling inside of a family,
he or she often forgets their responsibilities towards their households and start to bet money. On top of that, more addicted he or she gets, often it is observed that betting amount will
increase and sometimes they may end up to drain all of their saving and even selling houses.
, that shatters the family relationships as well. A house usually can be called as well mannered only if the relationship among the family members are healthy and compassionate, but doing gambling destroys that. According to a recent study conducted by The Oxford University
year, while playing cards, almost 79% are
associated with heavy drinking and these are usually not considered to be as ingredients for a healthy living.
, for some cases gambling may even end up in domestic violence
For example
year in my neighbourhood, fourteen people were booked under the same reason and they were professionals gamblers too. To conclude, there are many addictions and obsessions. but gambling is what affecting the family lives most. I would suggest, that the government should pass strict laws to reduce gambling and impose hefty fines on those who are playing it illegally.
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