Some people hold the view that a good teacher is more important for education success while others think the student’s attitude is more important to succeed in education. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

It is rightly said that Education is the
eye of man.
, acquiring education is quite important for a bright future. It is often debated that having a good teacher is crucial for quality education whereas some believe that it depends on the learner's mindset. In my opinion, to achieve educational
both things are required to go hand in hand.
essay will illustrate both the views in details. To commence with, learning from a good master has various benefits.
of all, a good teacher paves an easy path of learning for students. With
, it becomes a piece of cake for pupils to pass exams.
, an experienced tutor helps the students with their career choices as well.
, an instructor can help the students with the right learning material, periodic assessment and tips for scoring well.
, with the help of a mentor, it becomes easier for learners to improve in any lacking areas.
For Example
, Anand Kumar is a teacher in Bihar who provides free coaching to Engineering aspirants, because of whom many poor children have achieved the dream of getting admission in top engineering colleges.
On the other hand
, studying with a good attitude has its own advantages.
way students are more serious about their educational
they work hard to achieve it.
, if one is sincere about their studies, it opens new doors of opportunities for them.
, good attitude towards studying helps children to keep at bay from other illicit activities.
For instance
, Former Indian President, Mr Abdul Kalam was able to acquire educational
because of good attitude despite lack of resources. In a nutshell, it is apt to conclude that
a good tutor creates an encouraging environment for students,
, a positive mindset is
crucial for their educational
. Both teachers and students need to join hands for the accomplishment of the study goals of the latter.
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Topic Vocabulary:
  • inspire
  • motivate
  • engaged
  • persist
  • responsibility
  • resources
  • collaborative efforts
  • educational outcomes
  • discipline
  • study habits
  • interdependent
  • individualized support
  • complex concepts
  • overcome challenges
  • receptive student
  • external factors
  • family support
  • peer influence
  • socio-economic status
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