Some cities create housing areas by providing taller buildings. Others create housing by building houses on a wider area of land. What solution is better?

The architecture of housing varies from one city to another.
, it is ubiquitous to see the construction of taller buildings in urban areas than rural, due to rising industrialization and population. In
essay, we will not only discuss both the perspectives of taller flats and spacious individual houses but
find out the better option. Cities like Chennai, Mumbai, Banglore etc., have more employment opportunities comparatively
people migrate from different parts of the country to these cities in search of their livelihood. To accommodate the heavy population in a small area, corporations encourage the builders for the construction of taller buildings and communities.
For instance
, In my community, there are 5 blocks in total where each block has 5 storeys and each floor has 10 flats.
, 250 families live in a small area of 10 acres.
, it is impossible to accommodate
a huge population if the houses were built wider and independent.
, living in flats gives an opportunity to meet people from different backgrounds and learn about their culture. In another hand, cities like Kodaikanal, Ooty, Darjeeling etc., forbids people to build taller buildings as it will affect the surroundings. Some people
prefer an individual house to maintain their privacy.
, they feel it is better than an enclosed flat where cross ventilation is more and pollution is less.
For example
, my friend who is living in an individual house visited my flat once and was complaining, how the sound from a nearby flat annoyed him. In conclusion, according to the city and it's geography, construction of houses are recommended by the city corporation. Both tall buildings and the wider house have its own advantages and it is advised to choose the architecture
that is
harmless for the environment and society.
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