Some believe that charitable organizations should help people no matter where they live. Others argue that charities should only help those living in the country where the charity is based. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

A large population in the world is still under the grip of poverty and economic stress. For that reason, it is the responsibility of the charitable institution to support the needy, despite their country or nation. However, few others are of the opinion that the NGOs should consider only their native people. But, I strongly agree with the former view. To begin with, unemployment and financial instability have caused widespread impoverishment throughout the globe and it is not concentrated on any particular area and this issue cannot be seen with discrimination. Also,there are certain under-developed or developing countries where large scale philanthropic works cannot be undertaken due to financial stress. As a consequence, not all organisations can afford to help their own communities. Hence. they would require outside help. For instance, the WHO (World Health Organisation) has undertaken many charitable activities through the African nation since the country is not self-sufficient. Therefore, it is always suggested to conduct charitable function around the world despite demographic differences. On the other hand, there is always a possibility for a financial strain on the firm or Trust that conduct worldwide philanthropic activities and in such scenario, it is not viable to share alms to the impoverished within the country. It is due to this reason, a section of speakers oppose charity to cross borders. Furthermore, some organisation fail to recognise their own people who are suffering. For example, in the U.S there are many NGOs and yet the rate of poverty and destitution is at a rise. In conclusion, in my opinion, the charitable organisation cannot concentrate only on their own native people, and more efforts and work should be put forward to help all the nations to deprive poverty.
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