Some of the people believe that video games are useful for children while others say these games have harmful effects. Discuss both views

Some people say that virtual games are worthwhile for kids, whilst others say that they can cause negative effects. This essay will discuss both views. The first opinion of this issue says that video games bring benefits to children. Firstly, video games can gain creativity. Some adventure plays are hard to solve and it demands deep logic and instinct to find a way to get the rewards. For example, Lego harry potter that appears in iPad, in some stages, it requires the participant to think out the box to get the clue to finish this step, and it is very hard for children who do not like to think differently. Secondly, it is the pleasure that they get after they finish the challenge in those virtual worlds. It likes an accomplishment of their hard work by using their logical thinking that beyond their daily basis. Also, it can be used as entertainment to relax after a tough day at school. However, some may think that virtual play can bring drawbacks that jeopardizing the future kids. One of the main issues is the kids' mental health. It supports by the fact that young people that spend most of their time with this digital world have a physiological disorder. For instance, it is very common to see some adolescents from 10-20 have emotional problems, such as excessive anger, that lead them to be a nonchalant and an anti-social individual. Therefore, this group of people has a problem with maintaining their relationship with other human beings and it becomes a really big problem after they are an adult. This occurrence can generate many communication problems in the workplace and lead them to suffer in crowds. In conclusion, although the drawback is quite gruesome for the children development, the positive effects are wholesome for brain development. So, as long as we are careful to keep the importance of face to face interaction and limit the duration of playing games, the virtual play can be totally useful.
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