Some people believe that children that commit crimes should be punished. Others think the parents should be punished instead. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Most of the people in the society have a belief that some children who have been an offender for a crime should be penalized. Others believe that behalf of them, their parents should be got punishment. It is worth when discussing both views and in my opinion, I believe that giving a penalty to children for their wrong is beneficiary than penalizing parents. On the one hand, many people in society believe that the youngsters who are been offenders for their offences should be got punished. Then they would be panic to repeat wrong behaviours. Furthermore, It would be a chance to avoid crime happening once again. For instance, when a boy be caught by his parents for stealing money and he is punished by them, he understands the guilty and he will never do the same misdeed.Therefore, punishment for a wrong is a must to themselves. On the other hand,If the parents were punished instead of children would be shared a negative message to the culture and the new generation will not panic to perform crimes.For example, if a child does not have a penalizing for a guilty, he does not take it seriously and other teenagers in the community also get a negative attitude to their mind.Hence, it would be a possibility to increase crime within teenagers. In conclusion, although some people have been thought that penalizing parents for children's' offences are suitable.I believe that children must be punished for their misdeeds.It would be an advantage to community.Because it gives a contribution to the growing youth in the public.
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