Some people believe that tourists do not learn anything during their holidays, while others believe that they learn a lot. Discuss both sides .

There is no doubt that everyone loves to travel different places. There are some people think that this is kind of learning process,. However, others consider it is just a leisure activity. On the one hand, supporters who think that by making holidays, tourists learn local culture and their traditions, which is a kind of exploration of new knowledge. This is because experiencing differences make people to know how they are different from others. For example, when a person visits any desert, then only he would get an insight into the life over there. Alternatively, no one can realise how difficult it is to live in a place where hardly find water bodies, until visit there. No news paper articles can give better understanding of this, instead, going there. On the other hand, opponents of the above- mentioned argument believe that most of the time, travellers require fun activities rather than knowing something. The main reason for this is that they prefer to keep all tensions and responsibilities away from their trip. Mostly they involve various recreational activities. For instance, enjoying local foods and doing some shopping are the favourite activities during the travel. Moreover, it is hardly seen anybody who try to learn something this occusion. If they wanted to study any subject, they could have joined some courses rather than visiting any destination . In conclusion, people have a different view on the purpose of touring. It is sometimes thought going for visit is in term of learning. This can be objected by others as they viewed that this is only for relaxation.
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