In many countries, women no longer feel the need to get married. Some people believe that this because women can earn their income and therefore not require financial security that marriage can bring. To what extent do you agree?

Today's women are more independent
the previous centuries, women are performing excellently in every field just like men. In many nations, ladies prefer not to get married because of various reasons,
as, education and career, but some individuals believe that it is only because of the financial stability that women get from work. In my opinion, I partially agree with the statement that women chose not to marry just because they earn their income and not require any financial security from marriage.
To begin
with, financial security is
a reason that's why women chose not to marry.
, in the previous era, women were financially depended on the male person in their life, but in these days ladies are self depended they do not need it because they are working hard though to earn financial stability.
, to some extent, it is a cause of
preference in some ladies.
For instance
, a study conducted in the US shows that women who are earning well are less likely married than others who are not earning enough money.
, the very
reason that why too many girls do not prefer to get married is education and their future goals. Today ladies are self-conscious and educated and want to achieve some goals in their life and they think that getting married become a big obstacle in the path of success.
, marriage is huge accountability especially for women and require full attention, so it becomes a big hurdle for some women who wants to become a professional,
for example
, a study conducted in the SA reflects that women who are not married, are more successful in their life than those getting married. In conclusion,
, financial security is a reason not to marry in women, but there are other factors, which compel them to choose
as a career, education.
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