Money is important in most people’s lives. Although some people think it is more important than others. What do you feel are the right uses of money? What other factors are important for a good life? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your experience.

Life is so much easy compared to the olden days. When many people think that wealth has made a positive vibe in everyone's life, the opponents consider other parameters
play a crucial role in being happy
as safe and secure accommodation. I support the latter's view since I think having
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wn house it is
necessary. The primary use of wealth is to buy goods and services, without
people cannot obtain many facilities and luxuries that are available today.
In other words
, foreign exchanges and transportation of essential products are made possible by exchanging currencies.
For example
, previously, mankind followed the barter system, which was inefficient in multiple levels so, eventually, humans started to formulate money transactions and use still now successfully.
For instance
, in a global world, we can access whatever things with money, irrespective place, rate and so on.
, it is clear that
made our life more easy-going and comfortable.
, despite the above-mentioned advantage, there are other factors, which are equally significant to have a wonderful life. An obvious factor is that a safe living place is far more important than anything else because it is a basic necessity of a person.
For instance
, in a BBC's documentary, which portrayed the lives of the homeless, that was devastating and terrible to watch. As they explained how difficult it was to live on
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oad, without any proper shelter and support, and may expose to abuse and harassment. In conclusion, people have a different opinion on whether wealth or any other factor is vital becoming contented. I think having a proper area for
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essential for humans. It is highly recommended the government should provide an affordable shelter home for the needy.
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