Some people believe that in order to give opportunities to the new generation, companies should encourage the employees who are older than 55 to retire. Do you agree or disagree?

A certain group in society is in favour of the retirement of elderly employees in order to create more opportunities for the freshers. I certainly disagree with this fact as decision of quitting job is always a personal choice. In the following essay, I will substantiate my views on the same point with relevant examples. Though many of us believe that, after a certain age, one should take a break from work but that is so not true. In my opinion, to pursue or quit a career is one's own choice and it is unfair to those experienced and loyal employees of the company who served unconditionally for such a long period. Instead, these institutions should create more post openings rather than replacing old ones as it will lead to great teamwork. It will not only have an experience of the old member but also include enthusiasm and fresh vision of the new member. For instance, Reliance is a perfect example in which 60 per cent of staff includes the newcomers whereas the rest of them are aged ones. Every year, its owners create vacancies of the newcomers, without pressurizing the current staff to leave. And that's the reason behind its success and good image in the market. The other reason which supports my view is usually the current generation is very ambitious, so they may be unstable in one job as they can easily switch jobs if they receive a better breakthrough, which is ultimately not good with system. So if there is an experienced team available as a backup, such casualties at work can be prevented as they will manage it efficiently. For example, In last edition of Times now, there was a data which revealed that these days, almost 30-40% of internees are nor committed or dedicated towards work. In conclusion, It is clear that replacing senior staff with the junior ones is not a good idea as it will affect the efficiency and social image of the company in the market.
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