Many elderly people are no longer looked after by their families but they are put in elderly care or nursing homes. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this trend?

In the contemporary world, it is a modern fashion trait to send old-aged people to elderly homes without looking after them at home. Although they get sufficient amount of love, care, attention from there equal age friends , they will ultimately miss cherished moments they spend while they where at home. This essay will elaborate the merits and the drawbacks of this new trend. Firstly and foremost, with the modernisation of the world many people are busy with the their jobs and most of them barely have a spare to spend with there parents , considering , this time issue it is a wise decision for the aged parents to move in to a nursing home rather feeling lonely and alone in there rooms, however, in elderly care they will be able to meet many collegues of their own age. Most of the senior-citizens enjoy staying under the care of elderly homes since they will get time to play indoor and outdoor games, to participate in competitions arranged by these centers and so on unlike just sitting on a big couch and watching tv to kill time.To cite an example, Senior singing competitions are the most popular events arranged in between elderly care centers. Thus, these grey-haired people fascinate their times in senior homes since they collect a pentiful of memories and moments. On the flip side, it was a cultural value to look after parents once they grow old, unlike, those days, nowadays, many children doesnot want to care for their parents when they are matured to get rid of them they send them off to elderly care, this will make these grey-haired people to miss their lives they previously spend at home. Nevertheless, this will not only influence on the aged people but the grand kids will be strongly affected by their absence of their grandparents since they will miss the stories recited by grandsparents.Alternatively , many aged people are suffering from illnesses since they doesnot have a peaceful inner mind they will always cling to the memories of their children and sadly suffer.Hence, children should think twice before sending their parents to nursing care. To conclude, it has become a habit to accumulate senior-citizens under elderly care. The biggest affirmative of this way is that they will get friend to enjoy their time with while the lofty drawback is that they will be psychological unfit by always thinking about their kids.
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