Some children find some school subjects difficult(for example maths or philosophy), so these subjects should be optional rather than compulsory. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

It is obvious that few subjects are supposed to be extremely hard for some students like Mathematics and Philosophy , hence all of these should legislate as optional choices instead of being mandatory. Personally, I thoroughly disagree with that idea with a number of reasons which will be outlined in this essay. On the one hand, both Math and Philosophy actually have some benefits in current and upcoming life of students . In reality, Math plays an essential role to give knowledge about calculating and setting up their independent thoughts which are tremendously handy for them in forthcoming career. Philosophy partly contributes substantial usefulness to help shape their ideology properly as long as political viewpoints which particularly require a grow-up in the future. To sum up , both of which are regarded as the useful tools even a minority of learners will pursue a field which is not related to these subject as they truly need benefits and vital skills before making a decision to choose any field of their demand occupation. On the other hand, there are a plethora of other subjects which should be proposed to add to the current curriculum and ethics simultaneously become a good option though. To begin with, this kind of subject preaches and explains to learners about experiences in social gestures and politeness. Furthermore , pupils are gradually changed in the way of attending any conversations with anybody and conscious of the profound importance of how good manners especially influence their work and relevant relationship. In general, its advantages are considered as meaningful as math and philosophy will have them avoid a number of regrettable consequences and failures relatively. In conclusion, some subjects are attributed to be hard for students and it is incredibly inarguable. From my point of view, other subjects would become essential and all of these are for their future
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