Some people believe social media is very important in our daily life, other believe it is waste of time. Discuss both the views and give your opinion

Technology has created various platforms to communicate across the globe. Social networking sites are imperative in everyday's life, though others consider it to be not useful to spend time on them. In my opinion, in spite of having some demerits, however, I think that it is essential to use such sites to stay in touch with the outside world. To begin with, many believe that using social media is an unproductive activity. Reason being, It has contents that add nothing to the knowledge level of the individuals, so the time spent on them is of no use. Thereby, they see it as a lousy activity. For instance, a video in Facebook, for instance, showed that a man was snoring in different variations and it had the maximum number of views, though the clip had no important information to be conveyed to the viewers. However, when people engage themselves in social media, they come out of their boredom as it has many contents that might not be informative but are funny. On the contrary, others and I feel that it benefits society. In recent times, individuals travel across geographies for quality education and for better career prospects, these sites make them stay connected with their friends and family as they can instantly share pictures and videos, also could chat with each other. As a result, they remain in contact. After the advent of Instagram, many people hardly felt about being alone as they were able to make a video call with their loved once. This is why it is apparent that had there not been any social media, people would have found it difficult to stay in connection with others. To conclude, while some assert that using social media is a mere waste of indispensable time, for others it is of immense usefulness. Despite varied opinions, even though it has a meagre disadvantage, I have a firm conviction that it helps the world to stay connected.
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