today, more school leavers are unable to find jobs. discuss the causes of rising unemployment among young adults and suggest any solutions.

There has been a worrying trend that Youngminds faced a lot of issues while finding a job after schooling,therefore, joblessness. This trend can be ascribed to a number of reasons and must be addressed by definite actions. The primary reason is that in this competitive ers companies prefer to postulate only highly skilled professionals who have intense knowledge of desired skills. To be more specific, companies prefer to hire one well-educated employee in place of two less educated so that they can get more work perfection in less salary cost. Moreover, there is a number of jobs that require specific degrees such as engineering. For instance, most companies prefer to hire an engineer who has all required skills as well as the certified degree to display on their Upwork accounts, so that they can attract clients. Another clear reason is that in this modern era people prefer to get more and more education as they can, in resulting, with the increasing skilled individual in every field. That's why a significant number of engineers, nurses, teachers, etc. are unemployed then why someone hires school leaver over graduate candidates, especially when a large number of unemployed educated is available for a single job. A number of strong measures must be implemented to tackle this sensitive issue. The first solution is that youngsters should do a short-term course of three to six months in the subject they are interested to get meticulous knowledge to require for vocation. For example, computer centres required three to six-month of training for hiring any individual. Besides this, the government should make judicious planning with the help of high authorities to arrange special job fairs according to qualification criteria. For instance, the government of Africa, arranged special job fairs and call companies that want to hire students after completing their schooling for call centres and backend works. To conclude, there is a number of reason why young folks face difficulties while searching for a job and it can be tackled by a number of remedies such as job fairs and short-term training.
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