Some people think that parents have a great in!uence on their children. Others believe that the media is a bigger in!uence. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

day and age, the influence on a child’s development has still been a subject of heated debate. While many people suppose that family exerts the greatest impact on children;
, some say that other influences
as music or other people have the biggest influence on a child. On the one hand, Parents are important. After all, they are the
teacher and the role model of a child. Children learn much of social skills from their parents. In fact, the atmosphere at home plays a vital role in shaping their character and personality. That
explains why kids born to successful parents
become successful in their life.
, children spend a huge amount of time being with parents at home and it is easy for them to witness the way how everyday issues are handled by their parents.
On the other hand
, we couldn't ignore the influence of media on youngsters.
, most parents are now busy and get to spend only a small amount of time with their children. Now, the media has assumed the role of the baby sitter.
, media can be widely accessed by a large number of audiences nowadays, allowing children to learn international affairs and current news.
For example
, some teachers encourage students to watch news outside school time, which makes children learn more from mass media. In
way, children will consider TV as a study tool and believe the information
that is
delivered from it. In conclusion,
it is clear that family has a great effect on children, I believe that media exerts the most profound influences on a child’s development especially in
digital and technological age.
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