today more and more tourists are visiting places where conditions are difficult, such as sahara desert or the antarctic. What are the benefits and disadvantages for tourists who visit such places?

Exploring new places in the world is becoming a trend nowadays. The count of tourist who would love to visit the tough places is increasing immensely. This essay will discuss the advantages as well as drawbacks for visiting such places. To commence with the positive aspects, visiting the places that are different from the previous one help them to explore new areas of interest. They can learn how people are managing and living where the weather conditions are unique like in the Sahara Desert that has maximum temperature and The Antarctic Ocean which remains frozen and chilled with a minimum temperature of 89 Degree Celsius. Moreover, groups go there is curiosity, to experience the survival conditions that they have heard in the news or shows. For instance, a famous show Man versus Wild helps the individuals to learn surviving strategies that they can use in these areas. It is rightly said a coin has a flip side, these journeys also have some negative points. The major disadvantage is the riskiness to visit the places that can lead to death. This can be due to less medical or transport facilities and different weather conditions. In news, we have always heard that in Antarctica people are stuck in weather, where there was no connectivity like phones or telegrams, as a result,they have lost their lives in frozen ice. Furthermore, planning a tour in the difficult place can be very expensive. One has to carry each and every basic item for survival that they might not be getting in the journey. For this, a lot of money will be required to prepare for the luggage with preserved food, drinks and clothes. To conclude, this essay has discussed that, the benefits of the tourists planning to stay in less accessibility area is to learn more about the place and explore the survival conditions, however, it is extremely dangerous and expensive. They should rather plan for an area that sounds safer and cheaper to them.
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