The growth of online shopping will one day lead to all shops in cities and towns closing. Do you agree or disagree

There is a hypothesis stating that the development of shopping via online platforms may cause the suspension to the local markets in the local community. In spite of the fact that online shopping has become widely used, I do believe that customers will still prefer buying their goods offline due to more than one reason. In the following essay,I will support this point of view. First, there is one major drawback of making an online purchase that will lead the consumer preferring the offline options which is the privilege of seeing and trying out the purchases before paying for them. For example, I would choose to go to the electronics shop and search for the best option rather than buying a laptop that I never tried from Amazon. Also, I would feel happier when I get what I have just paid for immediately without waiting weeks for shipping and maybe months. That is why many people will still loyal to the traditional ways of shopping. Second, it is safer to make your purchases directly in the store. If you want to stay away from hackers who may steal your credit card information, it is better to pay in cash in the store directly. For instance, you may make an online purchase at one of the trusted websites, but eventually and after paying, you discover that it was not but a fake website. At this moment, the buyer will lose his or her money and will receive nothing. For this reason, I do support staying away from online markets. In conclusion, I would say that there are many negative and positive points of making your purchases online. If the buyer secured his or her information and targeted only trusted websites, the process will be easier and safer too. But for me, it is still an unsafe and unsecured option.
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